EARTH Amulet Gold
EARTH Amulet Gold
EARTH Amulet Gold
EARTH Amulet Gold
EARTH Amulet Gold

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EARTH Amulet Gold

Amulet only. To create your complete necklace with a chain and clasp click here

In spirituality, everything is born of the earth and returns to it. It is considered to represent the divine feminine, and represents fertility, mothering, selflessness, manifestation, steadfastness, groundedness, prosperity, infinite creativity, protection, abundance, ever-moving life cycles - connected as it is to its moon - and seasonal abundance (or lack), and longevity. 

Earth signs in the Zodiac are Taurus the bull, Virgo the virgin and Capricorn the goat.

Taurus - Emerald

Virgo - Sapphire

Capricorn - Garnet

Model wears LONG chain. 

This is for the AMULET ONLY. Please click here to create a complete necklace including chain and clasp. 

We've used a combination of traditional and modern birthstones.  

Base gemstone is black onyx 46 mm x 22mm x 5mm deep

The loop hole for the chain has a 6mm diameter opening to thread your own chain through or attach ours. 

100% authentic gemstones (see above)

Amulet setting and zodiac symbols sterling silver and gold vermeil (2 microns of 14k gold plating)

Model wears the LONG chain. The short chain is only suitable for people comfortable with very short choker style necklaces.