Gold Rutile Quartz Silver Necklace
Gold Rutile Quartz Silver Necklace

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Gold Rutile Quartz Silver Necklace

Rutilated Quartz crystal meaning is associated with its powerful cleansing and purifying effects. It consists of clear quartz, a big time energy conductor and magnifier, making it a popular healing tool and the multi-vitamin of crystal healing medicine. This special gem has an added twist getting its golden coloured strands from rutile, a mineral made of titanium oxide. These tiny golden hairs are spectacularly illuminated under the light, a dazzling effect that puts this rock star of gems center stage alongside diamonds, selenite and other translucent crystals.

Like many quartz stones, rutile quartz is highly programmable, having the ability to magnify and amplify the intention you ask it to carry.

Chain – 10mm wide,  50cm long. Stones approx 25mm x 18mm.

Stainless steel does not flake off, tarnish or discolour. 

Each stone in this designer necklace is individual so there may be some slight variations in colour and size. These semi-precious gemstones aren’t as hard as precious gemstones like diamonds. Therefore they may have some subtle inclusions, marks or chips. In all cases I attempt to use the best quality stones I have available. Each item is made to order.

Gold Rutile Quartz stainless steel silver chunky necklaces available at Cathy Pope Jewellery. Designed and made in New Zealand.