Smokey Quartz Gold Earrings


Smokey Quartz Gold Earrings

Smokey Quartz is a protective and grounding stone, great when you're feeling a bit wobbly. It shields one from negative energies by absorbing and grounding them, allowing them to be neutralised by the earth. The perfect stone for to have on hand. 

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Only 8 pairs available.

Each pair of smokey quartz earrings are one of a kind and no two are the same so the pair you receive may vary slightly from the photo on the website.

The stones are not identical matching pairs which is part of the charm of these hand chosen gemstones. 

Length of drop from top of gold to base of citrine 25 - 30mm

Width 10mm - 12mm

Tops are 925 sterling silver plated in 2 microns of 18k gold