Smokey Quartz Silver Pendant

Smokey Quartz Silver Pendant

Inspired by Cathy's own inherited jewellery from her grandmother, Curio is a collection embracing both feminine and masculine influences and is intended to be as collectible and timeless as its name. 

When life throws you shade, throw it right back with the smokey quartz crystal, a powerful grounding and balancing stone that shares an equally shady aesthetic. Smokey Quartz is a protective and grounding stone. It shields one from negative energies by absorbing and grounding them, allowing them to be neutralised by the earth. 

A stone of pure white light, the smokey quartz crystal meaning links us to the highest realms of being and amplifies the truth of everything around it. If smokey quartz has found its way into your life, it could be a sign that it's time to open the windows of your heart and let in the light and positivity. The truth can set you free and this crystal provides the roadmap to get there.

This pendant looks stunning paired with our smokey quartz earrings and matching ring

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25mm across and 20mm deep

Chain length 45cm plus 5cm extender chain

925 solid sterling silver 

100% natural smokey quartz

Please refer to the Care Instructions to ensure you get the best out of your Cathy Pope pieces