WATER Amulet Silver
WATER Amulet Silver
WATER Amulet Silver

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WATER Amulet Silver

Amulet only. To create your complete necklace with a chain and clasp click here. 

While you may seem calm and passive, as our Zodiac’s precious water dwellers, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, you are a force of nature. Children of water possess the power to carve canyons, to cut diamonds, to create majestic stalactites, offer up rainbows, and bless the most precious of times. Water simultaneously falls from the skies while swirling in the hidden depths of vast oceans. In life, this means you are capable of anything! 

Our water sign Astro amulet brings the signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces together in silver or gold bound on an Onyx masterstone inset with each birthstone, Ruby, Citrine and Aquamarine.

Wearing this amulet strengthens your power, tenacity and natural leadership, enhances intuition, romance and confidence, and serves as a reminder that without abundance of your finite element our survival on earth is impossible. Oh, and it looks hella epic too! 

Cancer - Ruby 

Scorpio - Citrine

Pisces - Aquamarine

Model wears the LONG chain. 

This is for the AMULET ONLY. Please click here to create a complete necklace including chain and clasp. 

We've used a combination of traditional and modern birthstones.  

Base gemstone is black onyx 46 mm x 22mm x 5mm deep

The loop hole for the chain has a 6mm diameter opening to thread your own chain through or attach ours. 

100% authentic gemstones (see above)

Amulet setting and zodiac symbols sterling silver 

Model wears the LONG chain. The short chain is only suitable for people comfortable with very short choker style necklaces.