An Evening with Simone Anderson

An Evening with Simone Anderson
On Wednesday March the 21st I hosted my second mini event at my home studio with guest of honour the beautiful and inspiring Simone Anderson. I started following Simone's blog Simone's Journey to Health a few years ago and I’ve always enjoyed her upfront honesty and often raw and confronting images as well as her positive outlook on health, life and fashion.


Simone catapulted to fame a few years ago after she lost 92kgs and posted some before and after images that the international media got hold of. Since then she’s overhauled her entire life, transitioning from a full-time Nanny to a full-time social media influencer and freelance makeup artist, crafting her own unique career based on her personal health journey.


Twenty women attended the event and enjoyed the open conversation with Simone that covered her weight loss story, diet, health, style, fashion and of course accessories! It was so delightful having engaged and interested women in the room who follow and love both Simone and Cathy Pope jewellery and it’ll hopefully be one of many more events like this throughout the year.


I was super excited to have Selfie Station there on the night capturing all the fun and great vibes. That beauty light ring was amazing and I’d highly recommend people hiring one of these for an event - a photo booth but easier!
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