A-Z of Gemstones

A-Z of Gemstones

Gemstones are steeped in significance. When we consider some of the materials jewellery is made with, metals derived from the earth’s crust and gemstones, which, like crystals, have significant metaphysical properties, it’s hard to deny their cosmic allure.

These materials have been honoured back beyond recorded history. Ancient Roman texts note that Cupid’s arrows were tipped with magical diamonds. In Eastern narratives, dragons were often depicted with flaming, wish-granting pearls under their chins or in their claws. In early written accounts, people adorned themselves with feathers, bones, shells, and colored pebbles. We now, of course, refer to these arrangements of naturally occurring materials as jewellery—and now, the coloured pebbles are known as gemstones.

Click on the Gemstones below to learn more about their individual properties: 

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