Q&A with Zoë Bell

Q&A with Zoë Bell

International Women’s Day is on March 8th and what a great opportunity to celebrate kick ass women who wear Cathy Pope jewellery.

I recently met LA based NZ stunt woman and actor Zoë Bell via a mutual friend when was looking for some jewellery to wear to the SAG Awards in LA the following weekend. We connected instantly and I was so drawn to her genuine warmth, laughter, a few tears and down to earthiness.

Zoë’s high kick fabulousness on the red carpet that weekend took the paparazzi by storm making it into which far exceeded my expectations and reaffirmed that she’s the kind of empowered woman I truly admire and am inspired by.


How important is it to you to support other women?

Very. Let me clarify, I am not interested in supporting a woman because she is a woman, I'm interested in supporting a woman because I dig what she’s about. Support from a woman who digs what your about is a deeply powerful feeling. It can carry you through the times you need it the most. I’m thankful to all the wonderful women in my life who support me every day - I only hope they feel the same about me.


You made quite a ’scene’ at the 2020 SAG Awards with your high kick. Was it planned or a spur of the moment decision? 

Most definitely a spur! The thought of pre planning something like that makes me feel a little queasy.


Tell us about a woman who inspires you and why

My Muma. In life she was a force, pure sunshine. Don’t get it twisted, she was human, the sun is fiery and can burn but there were very few people who lit up a room quite the way she did. She was genuinely loving life when and however she could. She loved her family with her everything. 

In her absence, reading her diaries from when I was a kid (handful no doubt), my brother was just born and her marriage was on the rocks. She wasn’t just born that way, the sunshine yes, but she worked hard to love life, to be honest and open and  take responsibility for her part, take no shit but to not be a shit either. 

Tish was born wonderful and worked hard to be better. 

I hope to do the same.

I miss her.

Sunshine and fire.


What advice would you give your 16 year old self? 

I would love for 16 year old Zoë to know that whoever she creates herself to be, it’s a work in progress. What works for her as a 16 year old, might not still be serving her at 25. That she has full permission to do life and be human however best serves her. And if that leaves other people disappointed, well, fuck ‘em. They’ll come around or they won’t but living to keep others happy or comfortable comes with a cost and it's not worth it. I'm still working on this by the way, 40 year old Zoë is appreciating reading this.


How do you lift yourself up when you’re having a bad day? 

That's a good question, not sure I have a failsafe go to. Procrastination is something I fall into a lot, and that very quickly can lead to a shitty day.  One thing that seems to work is forcing a little productivity, sorting my ‘to do’ list into most easily accomplishable first and cracking through at least three before I sit down - and if any of them can be done walking, I walk (or skate or bike), don’t drive. Stave off the lazy!


How did you hear about Cathy Pope jewellery? 

My friend Kim rocks one of your rock on a chain (chunky choker) numbers and I kind of fell in love with it.


How are you finding wearing your new CP pieces? 

If I can roll with something on the red carpet AND jeans & t-shirt I'm sold. CP makes me feel classy  AND a little rock’n’roll, a combo I am very grateful for! And I have to say, wearing CP and other NZ designers on carpets etc means a lot to me. Representing home gives a bit of meaning to it all.


Zoe wears the Flox + Cathy Pope Amity necklace, gold rutile quartz earrings, long loop chain, labradorite and onyx rings.


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