Raise Your Vibration

Raise Your Vibration

Meet our high vibration stones 

Crystals are great to use for increasing the vibration and spiritual growth of various areas in our life, healing, and uncovering blocks because that’s what their energy does, which is why crystals like the clear quartz are used in our computers, scanners, and TVs. The clear quartz is an amplifier crystal; in other words, it can magnify the energy of thing or area. 

When it comes to attracting what we truly want, crystals can be a great booster and visual aid to help us along the journey of obtaining what we desire. In times of stress and anxiety like during this current pandemic, crystals can be worn and meditated with to help bring relief.

Below, are several crystals to help us raise our vibration and uncover blockages so that we can achieve our desired outcome. Keep in mind that crystals are helpers or as I like to say boosters. They are not a replacement for taking medicine or visiting a doctor.


Chakra association: Third eye, crown

Functions: Helps with understanding dreams, motivation, heals pain such as physical and emotional, deals with anxiety, fear, grief, and injuries. Promotes spiritual wisdom, emotional balance, and awareness. Helps to overcome addictions and protects against psychic attacks.     

Usage: Our dreams have messages waiting to be deciphered. Use the amethyst at night by placing it under your pillow or on your nightstand to help you recall and understand your dreams as your dreams will give you messages about how to attract what you want and raise your vibration. Anxiety, fear, pain, and grief can stunt our ability to bring into our lives what we truly want. Using the amethyst via placing it in various areas of your house, having a spray with amethyst in it, carrying it, or meditating with it will help you to minimize or completely overcome those setbacks. 


Chakra association: All

Functions: Master healer, multi-dimensional healer, balances the body, energy enhancer, removes static energy

Usage: An all-around great healer, the clear quartz can be used for any situation but remember to focus on the outcome as thoughts and feelings will be amplified by this crystal. So you don’t want to think about fear and doubt. Instead, you want to focus on what life would be like if you weren’t doubting your abilities and let go of fear while working with this crystal. This is a high vibrational crystal so starting out you may not want it by your bed when you’re trying to go to sleep until you are more aware of your thoughts as this is the time we tend to think about things that cause anxiety. Place this crystal around various areas of your house to remove static energy. Static energy creates confusion and delays the process of attraction.


Chakra association: Third Eye

Function: Helps with fatigue, depression, protection, helps with self-worth and other “self” concerns, uncovers blocks in creativity, helps with integrity and perception.

Usage: We won’t be able to accurately raise our vibration and attract what we need and want if we are constantly doubting our ability to do so. The tiger’s eye is here to remind us that we are good enough and we can do it. In addition, the tiger’s eye provides a boost in our creativity levels so that we can attract what we want; in other words, we need to be creative in our thought process because things don’t happen the way we planned on it so we have to be open to the possibilities. 


Chakra association: Heart, solar plexus, base, sacral

Function: Detoxification, transformation, aids with blood pressure, asthma, and cramps, cleanses our emotions, adsorbs and keeps away negativity, addresses outdated belief systems and blockages of spiritual growth.

Usage: Detoxing is essential to opening ourselves up to the possibilities of what we can attract because we remove the things that weigh us down. The malachite will aid in helping us to detoxify from various things so that we can thrive. Like with the other crystals, you can meditate with it and place it on different areas of your body. Note: Malachite is copper ore based. Do not create a spray bottle elixir and do not ingest. Also, wash your hands after using this crystal, especially if you are dealing with it in its raw form as opposed to it being tumbled aka smoothed out, not pointy, in a lab.

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