Rare Gemstones You Should Know About

Rare Gemstones You Should Know About

Gemstones add visual interest to all kinds of precious metal settings. In fact, they provide all fine jewellery with natural brilliance and elegance with their intriguing colours. It’s a great idea to enhance your rings, earrings, necklaces or bracelets with radiant gems.

What’s more? Gemstones have served as unique symbols since ancient times. They have also been a huge part of tales and myths in history. They commemorate special events or milestones, while some are also officially recognized as birthstones for specific months. Not to mention, many gemstones are also believed to have exclusive powers and associations with natural elements.

Each gemstone is precious and comes with a distinct colour, meaning symbol, history, science, and birthplace. People believe that wearing certain gem can solve specific problems. So, let’s have a look at some stones that you can add to your jewellery collection. Make sure you choose a suitable stone to improve your appearance and manifest solutions to life’s problems. We’ve recently introduced some unique and eye catching designs using some unusual stones we’d like you to know about. Read on for all the juicy background about African Opal Jasper and Peach Moonstone and Jade.


African opal jasper is often called the stone of emotional healing. It is the natural jasper stone that comes from Africa. The stone has a jelly-like luster that resembles the Natural Turquoise. It is also often confused with the Variscite stone that is found in Utah, Nevada, and Queensland. This is due to the blue and green flecks you’ll find in Variscite.

There are also a few disagreements regarding the stone’s name due to the natural colour variations. People believe that it belongs to the Jasper family for its gel-like translucent appearance. On the other hand, many argue that the stone should not be named an opal since it lacks many common qualities of a true opal stone.

The African Opal Jasper stone is a purifying, calming, and soothing stone that is believed to stabilize the heart chakra and provide ease. The translucence of the stone can help you find inner peace, and it can also help speed up emotional healing and clarity. The blue variety of the stone can be especially helpful if you are looking to align physical and light bodies and achieve emotional peace.

What’s more? This stone can also enable individuals to see a situation from all perspectives and deduce a course of action from a wide range of possibilities. So, wearing this stone can help you maintain a balance between your body, mind, and spirit. Added benefits of the African Opal Jasper are that it also cultivates inspiration, insight, and creativity.



Peach Moonstone is a variety of the commonly known Moonstone. The stone comes in a tan brown colour with light pink/peach hues. You can better see the unique shade of Peach Moonstone under direct sunlight.

This is the reason peach moonstone makes for a stunning jewellery gemstone, as it is great to wear to daytime events. The stone is basically a potassium aluminum silicate feldspar compound. The high content of aluminum in the chemical makeup of feldspar might be what causes the beautiful colour change.

While it carries all the divine feminine energies as other Moonstone gem varieties, the Peach Moonstone offers a special connection between personal will and heart. Wearing jewellery with this stone will enable you to explore your creative and loving energies while you start adopting protective qualities from it.

It is an inward-loving mineral stone that will help you reignite your passion for things that you truly like. You will realize your true self coming back to you as you leave behind emotion-induced and stressful thoughts. So if you have lost the connection with your inner self, the Peach Moonstone can help you rediscover it and reconnect with your spirit.

This stone is a good way to start your self-love journey because this stone can help you do something positive for yourself each time you wear it. For instance, you may start an old hobby that you once loved or visit a place that you used to frequent often. With Peach Moonstone jewellery, stay prepared to reinforce love for yourself by indulging in activities your heart truly enjoys.



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