The Making of Real Women Real Words

The Making of Real Women Real Words

In my new campaign simply titled REAL WOMEN, REAL WORDS, I’m celebrating real and uniquely authentic women in a series of stunning portraits and poignant interviews.

This campaign features both joyful and solemn portraits of five, 100% authentic Cathy Pope Jewellery customers, as opposed to typical models. Over the next few weeks I’ll be introducing to you Anika Moa, Willa Cameron, Yogamani, Sacha Stejko and myself! Each portrait (20 in total) is accompanied by extracts of the intimate interviews with each woman, detailing their personal views on life and how their experiences have shaped who they are today. The questions I asked were:

  • What would you tell your 20 year old self?
  • What are the most important lessons you’ve learnt in life so far?
  • What attracted you to Cathy Pope jewellery?

This campaign encapsulates the meaning of REAL because each of the women I’ve chosen have an authentic connection with myself and the brand and the jewellery has resonated with each of them at an intimate level. Some are new friends and some are old but the essence is that we are all connected through the jewellery.

I enjoy using my costume styling skills and creating mood boards and worlds for my jewellery to exist. For this campaign I kept the aesthetic very simple and mostly monochromatic. My aim was to make the jewellery secondary to the portrait. I  really didn’t want to bling the women up to much as it was so important to let their energy and personality shine through. It’s so important to be relatable to customers and not get distracted by the pressures of fashion. We did very little editing of the images as keeping it natural was so important.

Sometimes in life things just come together so easily and this was certainly one of those shoots. I was thrilled to pull together a team of true professionals and incredible models and the results are so satisfying.

Photographer  Sacha Stejko
Makeup Artist – Morgan Manson
Hair Stylists  Chris King and Shelley Chao from R.D.F Parnell 

Come behind the scenes with us for a glimpse of what’s to come over the next few months and follow our updates on each of our incredible women.

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