The Story of Cathy Pope Jewellery

The Story of Cathy Pope Jewellery

Recently a videographer friend of mine Miriama Toms approached me about creating a video to explain who I am and tell the story of Cathy Pope Jewellery. We worked on the concept over a few months and finally the day came where I had to front up to the camera. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m far more comfortable behind the lens but it was a great opportunity to really try and strip everything back and get to the core of who I am, how the business started, what aspects I enjoy, why I love designing jewellery and also to talk to my customers about the values that are important to me. Miriama used a combination of footage from my pop up collaborations and a recent photo shoot, as well as video from The Painted Peacock Project taken from my time in India last year. The interview was filmed in my studio which is more of a sanctuary than an office and the place where I’m most at ease. I hope you enjoy watching this video and it gives you a better idea of who I am, what goes into the design process and how important my customers are to Cathy Pope Jewellery.


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