Yogamani - Real Women, Real Words

Yogamani - Real Women, Real Words

In my new campaign simply titled REAL WOMEN, REAL WORDS, I’m celebrating real and uniquely authentic women in a series of stunning portraits and poignant interviews. This campaign features both joyful and solemn portraits of five, 100% authentic Cathy Pope Jewellery customers, as opposed to typical models.

Swami Yogamani Saraswati is an inspirational woman on so many different and fascinating levels. An ordained Swami (a guiding light for humanity) and after many years of directing at MYC Yoga, teaching yoga & meditation, leading and organising retreats globally, Yogamani is now also a wedding celebrant working with couples to design intimate and bespoke marriage ceremonies. She has an infectious passion for love and life and exudes calmness and warmth when you’re in her company. I sat down with Yogamani and asked her three intimate questions. These are her real words.

What attracted you to Cathy Pope Jewellery?

I am attracted to the unstructured freedom and statement that each of Cathy’s stunning adornments offer. Each gemstone is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent, born out of precious mother earth and this energy radiates to the wearer, and beyond. The purity of this intangible communication certainly captures my attention.

What would you tell your 20 year old self?

That unconditional love you have for others, apply to yourself. Be kind and gentle to yourself, and others in thought word and deed. HONOUR your uniqueness. Balance, integrity, humility and sincerity are key. Do what makes your heart sing, life is so very short! Listen to your intuition. Make peace with yourself girl!

What are the most important things you’ve learned in life so far?

One of the most important lessons I’ve learnt in life is to Be Present! Do all things with love, have no regrets. No matter what may be, have faith and trust that all is in divine order, there is no need to force or rush, everything works out accordingly. Stay in grace, adapt, adjust and accommodate. The sun will still come up tomorrow, learn the lesson move on and aim to continue to be your highest human potential. Be brave, courageous and fearless. No matter what happens in life, always be kind, sincere, honest, open, compassionate and loving at all times. Be gracious and appreciative of everyone and everything equally.

Be your authentic self, at all times. Do not squander a moment of this precious gift called life. Be responsible for all your choices! Stay expansive in fun, love and joy, its light is positively infectious.

Keep watching my social media pages over the coming weeks as we reveal more stunning imagery of Yogamani. 

Watch our behind the scenes clip here and shop Yogamani’s style below.

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