Casual wear is not a particular set of codes rather the real definition of casual wear is anything that considered traditionally by many to be not suitable or inappropriate for a regular occasion that requires a formal dressing code. Think of casual wear as a particular set of clothes that you wear to make yourself feel relaxed but at the same time maintaining the level of elegance so that you would be able to use it comfortably as your everyday outfits. Since you need to pick a particular garment and match it with the other, casual wear will usually fuse the way you want to look with the comforts of your garments so be creative, try to test which clothes suit you best.

A casual dress code may be one of the best chance for those who love to express the true sense of personal style to the public. Whether it's your personal preferences that made you want something rugged or sleek, down-to-earth or upscale, casual wear invites you to dress the way that makes you feel comfortable to you all the time. Instead of focusing all of your attention into the formalities, casual wear enables you to find the balance that you want between the level of comforts, personal style, as well as individuality so that you will be able to dress fashionably but at the same time wearing a functional outfit.

Simple uncluttered necklaces like an onyx pendant  or curb chain and carabiner clasp for a more industrial chic look works with your t-shirt and jeans for daytime and cargo pants, heels and jacket for evenings. You’re probably more of a silver than gold girl but whatever you wear it will be paired back and effortlessly understated. You prefer your jewellery more simple and strong and have a favourite neutral ring in smokey quartz or onyx that works with all of your looks due to its neutrality and ease.

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