What's Your Style Personality?

What's Your Style Personality?

If you've taken the quiz and ended up here, it's because you have a mixed style personality. It's based on your mood, your season, how you feel on the day. It's all about YOU! We've made some product recommendations so click away and see if these pieces feel right for you. 

“Personal style” is a term that gets thrown around a lot—as if it’s just something we automatically have. The reality is that personal style takes work. Even the most fashion savvy need to re-evaluate their styles. This should come as a relief to anyone who’s struggling to create a jewellery wardrobe that reflects who they are and their lifestyle.

Jewellery is one of the ways people identify themselves to others. Consider what the jewellery is saying about the people you meet at parties and on the street. Thank goodness we are all different otherwise, we would surely die of boredom!

Your style is about you and your personality and can be a lifelong journey full of changes, trust me I’ve been there! But figuring out your place on the style journey is the first step to you revamping your closet and looking your best in no time.

It doesn’t matter if you’re boho, quirky, classic, or something I’ve never even heard of. Let’s take the first step to figuring out your style.


Modern Chic

Chic simply means a classy look that is produced from the combinations of a few items that are done with minimal effort. The chic fashion style is famously known for wearing monochromatic pieces with a sleek clean line to show the power inside of her and you have a special taste in fashion. As a person who loves the chic style, you would usually choose to wear clothes in white, black as well as neutrals so that you would be able to put the main colours that you want into bold accessories such as a purse made from an alligator skin or even a classic red lipstick. If there is one thing that you can find in a closet of a person who is a fan of the chic style, then it's a modern-shaped, sleek and latest accessories. A long loop simple chain will look sharp on you with rectangular onyx drop earrings.

This is one of the main strategies on how to look chic instantly. You would normally pick something that can be easily worn and the one that you know that I will be most comfortable with. One of the favourite combinations of items to use is a sleek skirt that is paired with a sexy blouse. Apart from that, focus all of your attention and energy on the types of accessories that you wear regardless of whether you will be using it for a certain occasion or everyday use. A simple minimalist onyx chunky choker would be your every day go- to- paired with a knuckle duster ring. Onyx is your preferred choice for its versatility.

You may also choose to be a sexier version of chic by exposing some of the best features of your body however you'd be more likely to expose either your legs or your cleavage rather than both at the same time as for you less is more. 


Bold and Fun-Loving

This style is for all you attention seekers out there. This style is full of energy and intensity and the same is evident from the vibrant mix of colours, patterns, exaggerated embroidery, sparkles and tons of vibrant lively colours. If you are one of those women who love vibrant fashion, your wardrobe will be full of colours that draw the attention of the masses.

A person who wears large jewellery such as big hoop earrings, thick dangling necklaces, or extravagant rings is likely to be an active, social and bubbly person. They are the ones usually surrounded by groups of people at a party. Their generous and cheery personalities draw people to them like metal filings to a magnet. Mixing and matching (and not being afraid) is the key to this jewellery type. If you see someone who has multi-coloured bangles or mismatched earrings – they are the fun and funky personality type. Someone who can pull this jewellery style off sure is lots of fun to hang out with! Their home is an eclectic mix of bold, bright colours in a mixture of eras.

They don’t follow rules or labels and they wear what they like. Nothing clashes and everything goes.

The big colourful earrings in the Cathy Curates earrings will tickle your fancy as well as layering our big chunky chains and attaching bright and colourful amulets. A bold chunky choker or two worn together is your idea of heaven as are the playful bright colours in our Lucent collection, 


Casual Cool

Think of casual wear as a particular set of clothes that you wear to make yourself feel relaxed but at the same time maintaining the level of elegance so that you would be able to use it comfortably as your everyday outfits. Casual wear will usually fuse the way you want to look with the comforts of your garments.

A casual dress code may be one of the best chance for those who love to express the true sense of personal style to the public. Whether it's your personal preferences that made you want something rugged or sleek, down-to-earth or upscale, casual wear invites you to dress the way that makes you feel comfortable to you all the time. Instead of focusing all of your attention into the formalities, casual wear enables you to find the balance that you want between the level of comforts, personal style, as well as individuality so that you will be able to dress fashionably but at the same time wearing a functional outfit. By casual wear we don't mean leisure wear. You probably own many pairs of jeans and shirts but the designer options get paired with high boots for a night out. You put on a coloured lip and add some accessories to up the ante without changing your comfy vibe. 

Simple uncluttered necklaces like an onyx pendant  or curb chain and carabiner clasp for a more industrial chic look works with your t-shirt and jeans for daytime and cargo pants, heels and jacket for evenings. You’re probably more of a silver than gold girl but whatever you wear it will be paired back and effortlessly understated. You prefer your jewellery more simple and strong and have a favourite neutral ring in smokey quartz or onyx that works with all of your looks due to its neutrality and ease.



The word ‘vintage’ is often overused and misunderstood. It simply means ‘of a time’ or time gone by. Some people enjoy making bold statements with their jewellery by wearing heirloom or sentimental pieces. They want jewellery that stands out and is different from the standard. They make their own rules and don’t follow the crowd. They mix old and new pieces and wear them because they evoke a feeling or memory or who they belonged to or when they were given them. 

These people can often be found in antique and thrift stores, searching for that perfect piece of jewellery that has their name on it. They don’t care much about brand names but a vintage designer piece of jewellery is your idea of heaven. For them, what they wear is more than a statement; it is a form of art. Their jewellery is eye-catching and interesting and they think and live outside the box.

You are busy but energetic and your jewellery needs to work with lots of clothing pieces as you like to look smart and “together” quickly. You don’t care much for fads and trends and prefer to create your own unique sense of style based on what you love. 

You would love our spinner pendants and carabiner clasps as they encompass a vintage and modern look. A classic curb chain or wide snake chains resembles a luxurious Italian style that looks great worn with your fathers fob watch clipped on or a vintage shield you picked up on your travels.

You love a bit of androgyny in your style by mixing masculine and feminine elements so our cufflink earrings are right up your alley. Clustered rings really make the statement that you love and the gold and onyx Modern Vintage rings are your thing.



This style is known for its free-flowing and relaxed nature and you can see that in almost all outfits of this style. The billowy maxi is one such example of boho but so are ripped jeans and cotton embroidered shirts. 

Authentic Bohemian Fashion Style is not just a fashion style, it's more than that. It is a real culture that has existed before and just like any other culture, it has its rights. Apart from that, it is also a type of culture that holds strongly onto a particular ideology and it has a very unique and complex history. Most people tend to relate the bohemian fashion style to the hippie fashion that appeared in the late 70s and 60s however currently, the bohemian fashion style has become one of the big portions of our culture.

As this type of person, you take chances, you like large statement jewellery  pieces – especially rings, bangles and necklaces, and you are what is commonly known as a 'free spirit'. You buy jewellery based on its healing and metaphysical properties  rather than basing it on trends and layering jewellery is your thing.

Your heart is big and there is never a dull moment with you around. If you often wear flowers in your hair, no shoes and natural jewellery like unpolished gems, you’re a laid-back person who’s most likely in touch with nature and loves the outdoors. Your favourite jewellery pieces will have such colours as turquoise and stones like raw quartz, lapis, rose quartz, amethyst or moonstone. You’ll have gemstones scattered around your home and placed strategically in corners for their healing attributes, wear jewellery according to your mood and likely hold the gemstone you wear in moments of deep thought or meditation. 

You love the imperfections and rawness of our chunky chokers or the textures and variety in our amulets. They clip on perfectly to the chains that you love wearing as chokers or joining together to wear with feminine flowing dresses or over t- shirts and jeans. Natural gemstones offer you a plethora of choices for your daily mood and you can meditate with them too. You are also likely to recharge your jewellery on a full moon. 

The delicate and feminine Curio collection with vibrant citrine and amethyst stones and their powerful metaphysical properties appeal to you.



If you loved taking the Style Personality Quiz, share it with your friends so they can find their style personality too.

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