All About Iolite and Citrine

All About Iolite and Citrine

Gemstones are nothing but minerals that humans show a preference for due to their durability and beautiful appearance. For centuries, humans have been cutting and polishing these naturally-occurring stones to wear them as adornments. However, all gemstones may not be mineral compounds. Examples of such gems are Ambers or Pearls, which have organic origins but differ in their lustre, opacity, and hardness to typical crystals.

In any case, gemstones are appealing in many ways. Some make for stunning jewellery pieces due to their colour and appearance, while others hold popularity for their symbolism, history, or rarity. Let’s learn about the commonly found Iolite stone and the rarely-occurring Citrine.


The Iolite stone goes by other names, such as Cordierite, Dichroite, and Water Sapphire. These stones come from Brazil, Burma, India, and Madagascar. A.G Werner first reported this stone in the year 1807. It got its name from the Greek word that translates to ‘Violet.’

This is because Iolite contained many different vibrant colours when it was first seen. The colours include violet, yellow, blue, grey, brown, and green. Another reason that Iolite is called the Violet stone is its healing properties and capability of unlocking the crown chakras and the third eye.

The violet-blue energy of Iolite activates the third eye, which allows vision, awareness, and communication from high-vibrational dimensions. Using this stone will take you on a path of self-discovery. We felt this was a wonderful gemstone to introduce to the Cathy Pope jewellery collection after such a tumultuous time in the world.

Many shamans use the Iolite stone to go on a journey with their inner self as well as for its healing properties. It opens your third eye and connects it to your heart, which aids in the healing of old wounds that may be weighing heavy on your life.

Not only does it heal emotional wounds, but Iolite can play a major role in healing the physical body. For instance, it has been said that using it can help you quit addictions to harmful substances, such as drugs or alcohol. So if you struggle with addictions and wish to do better for your body, meditate with the Iolite stone. We’ve created some delicate and studs, drop earrings, and necklaces that we know you’ll love.


Citrine is yellowish-orange Quartz that has inclusions of Iron. This gem is mostly found in the form of a crystal, just like other types of Quartz. The name Citrine derives from the Greek word κίτρο that translates to Citron. Most of Citrine Quartz comes from Brazil, followed by India and Sri Lanka.

There is a lot of debate regarding the correct identification and truth of this gem. Numerous civilizations have been using the name Citron to refer to crystals and stones that were yellow in colour. However, these gemstones have not always been Citrine, but they were rather Jade, Beryls, Topaz, Aventurine, or Quartz. While there is no real evidence, we believe Citrine got its name for strong vibrations.

Citrine radiates the strongest of energies that can unlock your will and your heart’s truest desires. It has an incredible center for creativity, so if you are looking for a change, the citrine stone might be for you. Not only does this gem bring out your desires, but it also helps you focus and achieve by activating your root chakra. You only need to carry or wear Citrine with you each day and hold it for a while and meditate to let the universe know your goals. We have an assortment of rings, necklaces and earrings we know will delight you.

Another interesting quality about Citrine is its deep connection with nature. Your lower chakra engages with nature as you use this gem. This will allow you to better absorb the positive energies from your surroundings and the earth. It is best if you meditate with Citrine in an outdoor space during sunrise or sunset to optimize its full energetic vibrations.

Iolite and Citrine are a few of the best stones in terms of their vibrant and eye catching appearance as well as energies and symbolism. While Iolite stone can heal you emotionally and physically, Citrine stone is of great help for finding yourself. 

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