The Jade gemstone describes two different minerals: Nephrite and Calcium Magnesium Silicate, which has a hardness level of 6. Jade is mostly available in colours like dark and pale green with yellow hues. However, you can also find unique instances of jade with white, black, brown, and grey hues with green.

Mainly found in New Zealand, Nephrite comes from near the edges of different water sources and within Serpentine deposits. You can also find it in China, Russia, Taiwan, Australia, Canada, USA, and Zimbabwe. The other mineral, known by the name ‘Jadeite,’ has a slightly different texture than Nephrite. The luster is less glassy and appears duller and waxier than the Nephrite variety of Jade.

Nevertheless, it comes with rather vivid colourations. While it is typically green in colour, Jadeite tends to occur in orange, white, yellow, lavender, and grey shades. Burma is the main source for this variety of Jade, but it is also sourced from localities in Canada, Turkey, Russia, South America, US, Cuba, and Kazakhstan. If you want to tell apart Jadeite and Nephrite, tap the stones with a hard object. Nephrite will produce a musical chime while Jadeite will not.

Green Jade is a common Jade stone that is a strong earth element with a deep connection to the planet Earth. Wearing this stone is a good way to connect with nature. It is also quite powerful in healing the heart.

Holding the stone to your heart can help it radiate love and ease the burdens it has been holding. Its genetic makeup seeks to replenish, heal, and support the human heart and spirit. The energies from Green Jade spread throughout the body to aid emotional, spiritual, and physical healing.

Furthermore, the Green Jade stone is one of the few stones that can eliminate negative energies and release positive ones. It promotes stabilization of personality, healing of the heart, and promotes harmony of mind and body. If you often experience stress and anxiety on a daily basis, you must carry, or even better, wear, the stone with you each day as it has amazing calming properties.

One interesting thing about Jade that you will surely enjoy is how it’s an incredible dream stone. Place it under your pillow at night, or just tap it on your forehead to have lucid dreams.

Ever since humans have discovered jade, they have used the stone to promote prosperity and abundance. The Chinese used it to give the human body strength and preserve the soul after death. Additionally, it has been widely used in shamanistic practices and astral travel.



The agate stone is a common rock variety from the chalcedony mineral family. This type of quartz has many varieties, all of which are unique on their own. The gems are translucent with diverse stone patterns. They are available in all natural colours that the stones get through the interaction with trace minerals such as chromium, magnesium, iron, titanium, and nickel.

The Dendritic Agate type is popular for its high vibration quality. Wearing this stone will connect you to your heart chakra and open your love center for yourself. It allows a free-flowing energy filled with love for our truest selves. You can use this stone in a jewellery item such as our earrings or necklaces or place it over your heart each day for meditation.

Another type of Agate is the Tree Agate, which is basically a form of Dendritic Agate. Tree Agate is colourless or white with impurities from iron or manganese that are visible in a fern-like structure. The impurities known as dendrites come from where the gemstones were found. It shares similar energies as those of Moss Agate, the sister crystal of Tree Agate.

Moss Agate is also commonly known as the Mocha Stone. This stone is a Chalcedony mineral stone with dendrites of Chrome, Manganese, and/or Iron. The dendrite structures resemble patterns similar to that of moss.

Moss Agate comes in colours such as green or brown but may also be found in yellow, black, and red at times. 75% of these stones come from India. The stone offers protection of your positive aura, allowing you to be your real self.

It encourages self-expression and brings you closer to nature at the same time. Use this stone for meditation if you wish to reconnect with your inner self. With this stone’s energy, you’ll feel prompted to enjoy your life like a carefree child.

Choosing a gem for your jewellery piece mainly depends on your personal preference. But, it is a good idea to consider the meanings that each gemstone holds and what energies it may give out in your life. On the other hand, you should also remember factors such as durability and cost before making a purchase. Why? Well, some stones are highly durable and safe to wear every day, while others may need protection and care. Learning about your gemstone options can help you find the perfect one for you.


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