Cathy’s Top Picks for 2017

Cathy’s Top Picks for 2017

I am so lucky that I get to wear as many of my pieces as I like, every day of the year. Let’ face it – I only design what I like but there’s certainly some pieces that look better on me than others.

When I think about my favourite CP designs it comes down to what I wear most often. I try not to overdo my jewellery during the day, wearing either a bold pair of earrings and a ring but no necklace or the reverse – a bold necklace and simple studs. I’m not a fan of no earrings, especially with short hair, so I find my onyx hexagon studs or the new Amalfi irregular studs ideal.

As soon as I saw the finished versions of my Stonestruck agate earrings I was instantly attracted to the yellow agate. I love the hints of black in there and how they are so bright and vibrant. They look great with my main colour of choice, black and they always attract a lot of attention whenever I wear them.  I’ve also been wearing the blue agate drops a lot too, especially with a navy linen jumpsuit and striped sailor top I recently purchased. The colours pop perfectly and I feel young and fun!

When I started designing and sampling the new Amalfi range the earrings that instantly caught my attention were the smokey quartz and gold drops. These epitomize my style and push all my buttons. A little art deco looking with their straight lines and simplicity, a hint of colour in the neutrality and clarity of warm smokey quartz and enough bling and length to look great dressed up or down. I started wearing them straight away as soon as the samples came off the jewellers bench and each time people would admire them and ask where they were from. It was a no brainer that these would become a collection and they’re one of my staple favourites now. Same with the matching Arezzo necklace and gold maltese cross. Worn short or long, together or individually, they’re so sophisticated and look as good with a  grey marl t-shirt as with a silk blouse.

The necklace I keep going back to is my rose quartz and jasper chunky choker. The rose gold looks great on my fair and freckly skin and is very gentle and not too pink. It works in perfect harmony with the warm textures and patterns of the leopard spot jasper and looks great with anything. I’m really looking forward to enjoying these pieces throughout summer now that all the bulky layers are coming off!


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