The contemporary Boho chic style uses handcrafted clothes made from natural materials. This style is known for its free-flowing and relaxed nature and you can see that in almost all outfits of this style. The billowy maxi is one such example of this style. 

Bohemian Fashion Style is not just a fashion style, it's more than that. It is a real culture that has existed before and just like any other culture, it has its rights. Apart from that, it is also a type of culture that holds strongly onto a particular ideology and it has a very unique and complex history. Most people tend to relate the bohemian fashion style to the hippie fashion that appeared in the late 70s and 60s however currently, the bohemian fashion style has become one of the big portions of our culture.

Currently, the huge variety of accessories as well as boho clothing causes the bohemian fashion style to be a real cultural phenomenon hat embraces the laid-back elements, combined with loose clothing items, overall artistic and casual pieces of jewellery. 

As this type of person, you take chances, you like large statement jewellery  pieces – especially rings, bangles and necklaces, and you are what is commonly known as a 'free spirit'. You buy jewellery based on its healing and metaphysical properties  rather than basing it on trends and layering jewellery is your thing. 

Your heart is big and there is never a dull moment with you around. If you often wear flowers in your hair, no shoes and natural jewellery like unpolished gems, you’re a laid-back person who’s most likely in touch with nature and loves the outdoors. Your favourite jewellery pieces will have such colours as turquoise and stones like raw quartz, lapis, rose quartz, amethyst or moonstone. You’ll have gemstones scattered around your home and placed strategically in corners for their healing abilities, wear jewellery according to your mood and likely hold the gemstone you wear in moments of deep thought or meditation. 

You love the imperfections of our chunky chokers or the textures and variety in our amulets. They clip on perfectly to the chains that you love wearing as chokers or joining together to wear with feminine flowing dresses or over t- shirts and jeans.

The delicate and feminine Curio collection with vibrant citrine and amethyst stones and their powerful metaphysical properties appeal to you.

Key Products for the Boho Woman


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