Emerald Silver Studs
Emerald Silver Studs | Exotic Gemstone Jewellery | Cathy Pope NZ

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Emerald Silver Studs

Emerald will discover your renewed faith in the world - no matter what’s going on (and let’s be honest, right now that could be anything!). You’ll elevate your natural ability to be practical and patient while unlocking your potent memory and innate clairvoyant abilities. Wearing an emerald will support you on your mission to achieve even the most ambitious of projects. You’ll inspire faithfulness in those around you and nurture the most loyal of friendships. Best of all, no global turbulence will shake you when you’re wearing your birthstone Emerald because you’ve got the goods!

These simple emerald studs are perfect for every day wear. This collection covers all your metallic bases, these beauties are also available in rose gold and yellow gold. These versatile studs are also available with garnets.


Metal = 925 sterling silver

Full length top to base = 40mm x 70mm

Stone = 45mm x 60mm

Each stone is 100% natural