Flox Collaboration - The Harmony Necklace and Earrings Set

Flox Collaboration - The Harmony Necklace and Earrings Set

Built from the curiosity to co-create, The Harmony Necklace and Earrings are another product of the long-term friendship that fine artist Flox (Hayley King) and I have shared over the past 15 years. We’ve worked together on international heart projects in India, done pop ups together around New Zealand as well as our first jewellery collaboration The Amity Necklace in 2019. 

Following the success of The Amity Necklace, Flox and I were eager to do it again. Early in 2020 we started a conversation to design a matching pair of earrings and necklace, but this time we wanted something that was a little more every day and versatile to wear.

We also wanted this collection is even more limited than our previous one, with only 55 of each produced. As with all of my jewellery, the main focus is to create keepsake treasures with a timeless charm. This collectible and precious set of jewellery has been designed with the intention to bring the wearer qualities that the word ‘harmony’ and the gemstones represent, friendship, agreement, and the sound of things that go well together. 

The Amity was a real statement piece and more of an occasional special necklace due to its large size. This time we imagined scaling the size down but still retaining the timeless appeal and quality through the unique design and high value of the gemstones. And what better stones to use than black and white diamonds. I was particularly inspired by a Flox painting I’d owned since we first met that featured the welcome swallows facing each other in a symmetry that I knew would work well for a pendant.

 Together we came up with the idea of the two beaks connecting and embracing a parcel (of sorts) that would hang suspended from the apex of the beaks. I started by creating Pinterest boards and sourced images of Japanese cranes which had long beaks and then handed the concept over to Hayley to work her creative magic and translate into suitable NZ birds. 

The Kotuku hold a special place in Flox’s heart. She once travelled to Akaroa and worked with a local primary school, teaching workshops and creating a mural for the kids. At the leaving ceremony. The Principal spoke of a legend about a White Heron who flew into town and left her everlasting mark on the people. Hayley was very humbled by his works and felt a connection ever since to this rare and mystical bird. 

It was during this time early in 2020 that everything came to a grinding halt with covid and lockdowns and the project was put on hold. We decided to take the pressure off and slowly develop the designs and not rush to release in 2020 as we couldn’t predict what was going to happen. Slowly throughout the year the samples came back from India and over the next 10 months we perfected the design.


Finally in early 2021 the samples were perfected and we were ready to order production. Despite planning to launch it later in the year we decided that it would be safer to have it ready earlier as covid was slowing things down. We were thrilled that Smith and Caugheys were on board to be our exclusive stockist yet again and they loved the designs which was so encouraging.

The Harmony Necklace and Earrings is a delicate centrepiece pendant laced with New Zealand influence, featuring stencil patterns of two native Kōtuku or White Heron. While embellished with the ‘stone of purity, love, and fidelity’ (black and white diamonds)  the eye is taken to the centre of the piece where crossed beaks hold a small white diamond suspended in a delicate chain. The wings of the bird are again represented as delicate, feminine stud earrings featuring a black diamond. They are the ideal size as they make a statement, are flat and easy to wear but also have the detail to draw the eye to look closer.

We designed the pendant and earrings to be worn together or separately and have sweetened the deal by offering a fabulous gift with purchase when you do. Flox has created an Indian cotton clutch bag, ideal for storing makeup and jewellery and Cathy has hand made gemstone keychains. The value of these gifts is $60 and we know you’ll love them. Flox also stencilled each box by hand so your Harmony pieces are stored in their special bespoke boxes. 


With only 55 of each item ever made, these limited editions will be treasured for years to come and we hope you enjoy gifting, owing and wearing them as much as we have creating them especially for our valued customers.


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